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༺🔥༻ learn how you can contribute mindfully & with a purpose when you enjoy SwAr Ashram online teaching.


SwAr Ashram is experiencing unprecedented hardships due to the nationwide lockdown of India and the particular difficulties of rural isolation as well as right now it is monsoon season and the river is rising into our Ashram front steps as i type this. We are a charity based initiative with families depending on us & we have overhead & now repairs of our own to contend with. We are reaching out to you, offering both free & paid courses including rare teachings online so that we can continue to communicate with the developed world & earn for our charities by sharing the Art & Science of Yoga with you. ༺🔥༻ instructions below:

༺🔥༻ Be mindful when you make payments online. ༺🔥༻ Be purposeful when enrolling in our e-courses & innerCircle. ༺🔥༻ By supporting our Online Teaching, you are supporting charitable programs for hundreds of local youth, particularly our Girls & Women’s empowerment initiatives.

:NOW the adventure to DIGITAL RURAL INDIA!:

Friends, SwAr Ashram is supported by a registered Indian NGO, Narmada Interfaith. This is not a big multi-national corporate funded org. It is a local Indian grassroots education based initiative. Therefore, we are not permitted to take donations in foreign currency. We are permitted to Teach Online by accepting both Indian and non-Indian credit cards. This also means that our payment system is limited to what the Indian gov mandates for NGOs in our state of Madhya Pradesh. LINK BELOW IN THE BUTTON:

instruction for above payment portal button are below:

Enter rupees – without comma, without .00 (cents). The banks deal with the conversions. Detailed steps BELOW. Most non-Indian bank cards will require that you verify the purchase immediately after – to verify that you are genuinely making the transaction yourself, and not being hacked.

  • transport yourself back in time – around the late 1990s – fasten your seatbelts!
  • click to enter the payment portal “at your own risk” (it is a gov mandated bank and it IS secure in spite of how this may look.)
  • choose ONLINE TEACHING from the drop-down menu
  • enter your data (including the title of the teaching, ie: innerCircle, innerYajnya, the e-course or e-book)
  • enter the amount in rupees > without comma, without .00 (cents) > HANDY CURRENCY CONVERTER
  • once the enrollment is completed, you will get a retro-fitted reciept from SBI and shortly after, a more detailed receipt from SwAr Ashram including any course materials or links that go with it.
  • Most bank cards outside of India will require that you VERIFY yourself within a short time after the purchase is made becauese of foreign currency. Unless you do this verification, the transaction will be automatically cancelled and presumed to be a fraudulent use of your card. please do follow through if you get this notice, usually in pink & red.

As an MP India registered NGO, we are not permitted to use the nice simple one-click international payment options that you may be used to enjoying. You might realize what a handicap that is in the time of Pandemic when we are not permitted physical location classes or tourism & must work only online. Please do be patient and mindful about this – contact us if there is any problem – so we can walk you through this transaction.

DAKSHINA: (Sanskrit) a mindful way of paying your Teacher, where the attitude of gratitude counts more than the cash.

In keeping with our authenticity, we consider any payments in the Dharmic sense as ‘DAKSHINA’, a voluntary payment rendered for Teachings.  You may pay anytime before or after the event, but to ensure proper credit for which event, within an hour after the event is recommended.

After months of application process, our grassroots Indian registered NGO has a gov mandated PAYMENT PORTAL for ONLINE TEACHING – This AMAZING piece of technology seems to be delivered from a TIME MACHINE from 1997.  This charmingly antiquated bank-site is part of the ADVENTURE to support small worthy charitable efforts for girls in rural India on a local scale – while enjoying the Cultural, Philosophical & Lifestyle exchange of Ancient Esoteric Yog Vedant Teachings, Authentic Indian Hatha Yoga & Yoga Therapy @ SwAr Ashram online. 

By this payment portal, you can enroll in the innerCircle Teachings with weekly LIVEstream e-Satsang, or any of the classes on the e-courses pages. If you are enjoying the free e-tutorials, free e-Prasad or watching the LIVEstreams on IG and FB daily, the best way to contribute to our mission is by joining the innerCircle e-Satsang Teachings from our Library. 100% of the proceeds from Teaching Online goes to fund our charity work.

Locally we provide free English classes daily with Textbooks and an extensive Vedantic Library with English educational section, wifi with laptops & printer, Yoga & Yoga Therapy in SwAr Ashram, in schools & to handloom weavers, and a Girls & Women Empowerment program that provides college tuition assistance, and 4x a year free Yoga Camp with health, safety & hygiene education including a book and set of cloth designer stitched pads. This is a necessary initiative to keep girls in attendance in school during their sacred time of the month. In order to provide these programs freely to our local community of laborers, farmers, street vendors, handcrafters and other families who can not afford a decent level of education for their children, we reach out to the Western Yogic Seekers and offer authentic esoteric Yogic teachings and spiritual tour experiences, Agnihotra & prayer requests.

We are not a corporate sponsored multi-national, so not internationally sanctioned for donations. By the same token, we are not permitted to use all the nice one-click simple international payment options that you may be used to enjoying. You might realize what a handicap that is in the time of Pandemic when we are not permitted physical location classes or tourism & must work only online.

This online portal processes international cards in the same way as an international card swiped on location outside of your home country. The banks deal with the conversions. Most non-Indian bank cards will require that you verify the purchase immediately after so that they know you are genuinely using your own card and not being hacked – the notice is usually pink & red, please watch for it.

Consider an innerCircle month or annual subscription to Online Teaching – it is more convenient! Follow the above instructions once, we send you innerCircle materials each week for a month or a year!

We must earn online by TEACHING as an education-based NGO. We can take payments by the DAKSHINA buttons on this page, instructions included. When we can re-open on location, we can take rupees on location or international credit card on location.

Click the SBI Bank button above or below (it is a secure gov bank website, even if it looks wonky) and enjoy the ARCHAIC NOSTALGIC CHARM of our payment portal ! this is the only inlet for income since the country has been in lockdown 6 months – no tourism can enter on location.

Dakshina : online payment portal: state bank of india : FOR innercircle “ONLINE TEACHING” swara / niws ₹501/week, ₹1501/month or ₹15001/year (rupees)to learn all about what you get when you join, see below.


the ancient Vediks created flying pushpa-vimanas! when modern tech meets rural India, we get THIS.

If you can not afford to pay, i will trust on your integrity, the password to the LIVE e-Satsang is given HERE. For those who can contribute, You may pay anytime beforehand & up to an hour afterwards, to ensure proper acknowledgement of payments. All of the money earned is directly deposited to NIWS , the NGO that manages SwAr Ashram, for charitable activities.  Thank you & bless you in advance!

With everything that’s happening of which we have little or no control, i invite you to be open for spiritual healing at SwAr Ashram’s online portal. In these profoundly traumatic times, let’s do some powerful healing work for ourselves and for all beings (in Metta). contact me , Niradhara Amma, personally, i am always available for those who reach out.

By maintaining this relationship with each other, we are open to receive the infinite Love that flows through us from Source throughout all time & space as well as inter-dimensional space. In that LOVE, I include you – include me, too!


: introducing : the innerCircle :

JOIN the innerCircle e-Satsang & e-Library online and access all the e-prasads for only

₹1501 rs (approx $21. usd) innerCircle 4 weeks

₹15001 rs (approx $201. usd) innerCircle annual subscription to all the live online teachings @ Swar ashram : act now this is an introductory offer!

  • each enrollment in innerCircle online teaching portal gives you the weekly changing passwords to all the e-Satsangs, e-Library & e-Prasad – for 1 time, for a month or for a year – that’s approx 8 (eight) teachings per month PLUS twice a day, every day, LIVE-stream Agnihotra with Prayer Requests and notices when we add more FREE stuff! 
  • each week’s 30-40 minute LIVE Sunday e-Satsang springs forth from the Thursday e-Library selection, offering more Light & depth to the innerCircle attending.  You get automatically added to the call with a reminder beforehand, just keep your app open.
  • each text will be referenced with links, the Sanskrit texts chosen are available to read with commentaries free online or you may have a copy of your own or purchase one of your choice. 
  • at the end of each 4 week segment, if you have enrolled, we will email you the downloadable PDF to review what we covered, in case you missed anything. with this guidance, you can devote as much or as little time as you wish studying the Vedantic teachings on your own. 

sbi collect reads amounts only in rupees


$usd is approx & shown for your reference. please type in the rupee amount, SBI reads all entries as RUPEES without comma, without .00 (cents) – the banks figure out the conversion.

this is an introductory offer for the SwAr Ashram community – it’s less than a cup of coffee per unit!

YOU ARE BLESSED WHEN YOU ATTEND e-SATSANG. You get e-Prasad, (FREE gifts) included in the ONLINE TEACHING package.

Be a Moon Mother !
Imagine a world where a girl can not even attend school because of lack of menstrual care to manage her Moon Cycle. Amma at SwAr Ashram is Mother of our girl student’s Moon Cycles. LEARN HOW you can get involved – be a Moon Mother, too.

नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR! ༺🔥༻

Love and abundance of gratitude by the Grace of Maa Narmada & Devi Ahilyabai


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