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: Mandukya Upanishad online e-course :

Saturday November 21 or 28, 2020

With this Saturday Workshop, Rise to a new Dimension in your Yoga practice. LEARN TO Chant and Understand the hidden meanings encrypted in the MANDUKYA UPANISHAD IN SANSKRIT.

This e-course is a Saturday workshop for 2.5 hours of live instruction time. 5 – 7:30pm EST

if you are Yoga Teacher YACEP 3 ceu’s with half hour homework exam.

This MANDUKYA UPANISHAD e-course will chant each of the 12 shloka-s (verses) with you. Each shlok will be discussed to be fully understood. This Vedantic Shastra of ancient India is shared in Ashrams & Spiritual Centres worldwide as one of the foundational Yoga Vedantic lessons about the Pranava AUM and the 4 states of human Consciousness. The classes are small, there is plenty of opportunity for Q & A.

Amma Niradhara will add a new Vedantic text each month. Sign up for Mandukyopanishad this month.

ANY e-Course : when you register you get:
printable pdf workbook with each mantra defined and as a whole translated & a glossary of key words.
Personal Live Online instruction & practice from Amma Niradhara in the classic Vedic Tradition of Sanskrit Mantra.

BONUS: lovely share-able mantra memes for easy practice on your phone
BONUS: materials including Sanskrit charts, section on AUM & a seasonally appropriate ebook from Amma’s collection.
BONUS: invitation & access password to SwAr Ashram innerCircle e-Satsang & e-Library blog SAT CHIT ANAND : the Joy of Conscious Reading

As always 100% of Niradhara’s course fees goes to her charity work with developing girls in rural India in respect to empowering girls to stay in school with education about body literacy and a sustainable product to care for their sacred time of the month – a complete health, safety & Moon Cycle wellness program in her Shakti Girls Yoga Camps.

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