Yoga Vedanta


Sage Patanjali, c.500 BCE

10 week exploration into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. we will cover half of a chapter each week for 8 weeks, overview and summary. my e-BOOK is included. You may use any translation that you prefer as a hard copy or online as a point of reference, but we will primarily be following my e-book for this class.

We will chant the given sutras for the day, and focus on how the day’s sutras are interrelated, then take the specific most relevant details & vocabulary in depth.

Module begins 19 MAY 2021 on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30am IST. CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE HERE. the first 15 minutes is sunrise in India and you will participate in Pranayama for your auto-immune health with Agnihotra before Yoga Sutra class begins.



The revered Sage Patanjali was reknowned for his conscice aphorisms packed with coded Yogic wisdom. Sutra means “stitch”. Each short verse joins the next as a thread stitches a whole cloth together. In the 196 Sutras, he outlines the entire Yogic System that is widely followed today known as the Eight Limbs of Yoga or Ashtang Yoga, not to be confused with the Hatha Yoga brand. More than an outline, it contains the vocabulary necessary to inform your conscious efforts to take your practice to the next level. Sanskrit Language is Mother tongue to all languages, yet most modern languages lack the succinct and specific terms that describe Yogic technologies, techniques and teachings. If you study only one ancient text as a sincere Yogi, this is the place to begin. from here, foundation is laid to choose particular tertiary paths. Even so, this text alone is enough to keep you busy for a lifetime, if exploring and experiencing each Sutra. Alas, at the end of the book, Patnajali himself states that it is not all about books. it is now time to close the book and do the practice of Yoga. Your instructor is our Amma and benefits the charity work she does in rural India with girls upliftment. This class is eligible for 15 YACEP units for YA registered Yoga Teachers in the category of Philosopy, Lifestyle & Ethics.

: Mandukya Upanishad online e-course :

Saturday November 21 or 28, 2020 *new dates TBA*

With this Saturday Workshop, Rise to a new Dimension in your Yoga practice. LEARN TO Chant and Understand the hidden meanings encrypted in the MANDUKYA UPANISHAD IN SANSKRIT.

This e-course is a Saturday workshop for 2.5 hours of live instruction time. 5 – 7:30pm EST

if you are Yoga Teacher YACEP 3 ceu’s with half hour homework exam.

This MANDUKYA UPANISHAD e-course will chant each of the 12 shloka-s (verses) with you. Each shlok will be discussed to be fully understood. This Vedantic Shastra of ancient India is shared in Ashrams & Spiritual Centres worldwide as one of the foundational Yoga Vedantic lessons about the Pranava AUM and the 4 states of human Consciousness. The classes are small, there is plenty of opportunity for Q & A.

Amma Niradhara will add a new Vedantic text each month. Sign up for Mandukyopanishad this month.

ANY e-Course : when you register you get:
printable pdf workbook with each mantra defined and as a whole translated & a glossary of key words.
Personal Live Online instruction & practice from Amma Niradhara in the classic Vedic Tradition of Sanskrit Mantra.

BONUS: lovely share-able mantra memes for easy practice on your phone
BONUS: materials including Sanskrit charts, section on AUM & a seasonally appropriate ebook from Amma’s collection.
BONUS: invitation & access password to SwAr Ashram innerCircle e-Satsang & e-Library blog SAT CHIT ANAND : the Joy of Conscious Reading

As always 100% of Niradhara’s course fees goes to her charity work with developing girls in rural India in respect to empowering girls to stay in school with education about body literacy and a sustainable product to care for their sacred time of the month – a complete health, safety & Moon Cycle wellness program in her Shakti Girls Yoga Camps.

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