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What is AgniHotra?   AgniHotra is the foundational Yajnya – an ancient bio-energetic process of purifying the atmosphere with pyro-dynamics • aligning you with the circadian rhythm of sunrise & sunset • Agni = fire + Hotra = oblations. Learn the Yoga of Yajnya.

VEDIC SCIENCE: Agnihotra is an Ayurvedic Medicinal Science. It finds earliest mention in the Atharva Veda (1000 BC), vi 97,1 though pouring ghee into the ritual fire was known as early as in the Ṛgveda (c. 5000 BC) and it is closely related to Zoroastrian religion’s Yasna Haptaŋhāiti. There is a simplified version of the AgniHotra in the Grihyasutras and in later post-Vedic texts. 

ANCIENT ECO-CHEMISTRY : Vedic science of pyro-dynamic bio-energy, Agnihotra seeds the atmosphere with nutrition for living organisms.  Skin is the largest respiratory organ in the body, Agnihotra smoke penetrates every pore and cell as well as the lungs.  By performing alternate nostril breathing (Anulom/Vilom aka Nadi Shodhana) while the smoke is present, the benefits are deeply saturating the inner organs, glands, blood and lymph fluid while balancing the Pranic intake/outake and brain hemispheres.  In fact, all living beings including plants and insects benefit from Agnihotra atmosphere. It has healing ability in all the 4 Earthly elements plus the 5th – Akash, which holds the matrix of all Consciousness.

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