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A Yatra is a Spiritual Journey. “A trip is plan-able – predictable. A journey takes you places you didn’t know you would go and gives you experiences you couldn’t have planned for.” A Yatri is a Spiritual Pilgrim on the Journey to Sacred Sites in Holy Lands. These are testimonials of some of our Esoteric Yoga Experience innerYatra Retreat Guests whom we call Yatri-s

at swar ashram our guests are our family


Deepak Kumar Pareek is a gifted vocalist & musician from Rajasthan. He has joined us twice having now initiated Yoga of Voice here in India. He is Director of East-West School of Music at Ananda Ashram in NY where his workshop Yoga of Voice is a popular long running feature. Looking forward to another Yoga of Voice workshop on InnerYatra Retreats with him. Visit his WEBSITE.



Mirabai Moon is a beautiful Bhakta Kirtani who has partnered with us twice. After nearly two decades of songwriting and three original albums, she fell in love with the practice of Kirtan. In 2010, Mirabai devoted herself as a Bhakta, singing sacred chants in Sanskrit, sharing her profound love of the Divine with others through call and response devotional chanting. Mirabai has been touring extensively and has performed all over the USA as well as India and Amsterdam. Looking forward to the chance to work with her again. Please visit her WEBSITE and her YOUTUBE.


Maggie is a Nurse, Herbaist & Yogini. She teaches at SANTOSHA YOGA IN RHODE ISLAND

I have visited SwAr Ashram twice & will again! Amma is a Yogi & Vedic practitioner of Agni Hotra, she teaches both & SO much more in her immersion retreats! The small town is lovely, the people are so welcoming, smiling is the universal language!~ people in the town do speak some English, the students & friends of the Ashram are always there to help the Yatri /Traveler.


What a fantastic time I had at the Ashram, and the library is filled with books and information to review, I could get lost in there for days. “The grounds of the ancient palace are breathtaking. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place.” I stayed at the Ashram for 10 days, and it was Life Changing. Let the River sing to you.




Pure BLISS. I had an amazing time in SwAr Ashram! Niradhara is so knowledgable with yoga/vedic philosophy, agni hotra, yoga asana as well as the sutras. During our retreat we visited so many temples and I loved the ayurveda cooking class! The yoga space is so beautiful, lots of trees, a view of the Narmada River and big blue archways, Highly recommend a yoga retreat in Maheshwar with Niradhara!! JESS’S INSPIRING WEBSITE


Betsy teaches Yoga on Cape Cod.YOGA WEBSITE


The Real India experience! A lovely place in the heart of India. This is the real India. The grounds of the ancient palace are breathtaking. The work being done at this ashram is invaluable to the future of young people, especially young ladies, in India. Visit or donate. A little goes a long way in this tiny village! You can make a huge difference! I visited SwAr Ashram in January of 2017. I had no intention of going to India even though I’ve always wanted to. I booked my trip on a whim knowing that it was a rare opportunity to see the real India. I was in love with the experience. It truly was a magical place!








Exactly one year ago I was packing for THE trip of a life time. It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year. At the time, it seemed like every obstacle possible was put in my way and that the trip was never going to happen …. everything was magical. If you have even the slightest interest or urge to make this journey my advice is to stop thinking about it and JUMP at this opportunity…. I can’t exactly explain how much it changed my life but I can assure you that you won’t regret making the decision to go. If you are genuinely interested …. Do this for yourself! ❤️


Amma – OM Namah Shivay. We reached back to our home yesterday after spending 3 amazing months with my parents at their farmhome near Ahmedabad. While coming back we crossed Ma Narmada and remembered the time spent with you and the experiences we had at SwAr Ashram & Maheshwar. While corona aborted our long all India road journey, we still cherish whatever we could do in the few days we were travelling. With deepest Gratitude. Sumant Kachru.


His INSPIRING WEBSITE & STARTUP VENTURE and his BHARAT BRAHMAN BLOG about Amma & SwAr Ashram where he and his family took some InnerYatra experiences.



My time in India was honestly one the best experiences of my life. I was made to feel so welcome. Memories of the people I met, the places I saw, the yoga and the food will stay with me forever! I look forward to the day when I can return to Maheshwar. It is a truly magical place.



.You’ll be out here soon then …. Get in touch with Niradhara when you arrive … Lovely she is.






I am so happy to have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful place. I look forward to visiting on my next trip to India!


I would love to join you (again) if I could. I wish you all a blessed time which I myself experienced at your amazing Ashram and Beloved Maheswar. I hold the experience deep in my soul. Namaste Xxx. SERENA’S REIKI & YOGA





In 2016 I embarked on a journey to Maheshwar not really knowing what to expect, or who I would meet. All I knew was that I would be teaching at the Ahilya school on a 12 month placement. Little did I know that Amma and KaliTilak would come into my life and change it for the better. I found inner peace working with Amma, and continue to practise yoga having returned home. And I am eager to return to the Ashram as soon as I can.





Nira I had an amazing experience with you. My trip to india was life changing . The most Spiritual and Amazing experience I could of asked for . Rich in culture, unforgettable landscape, Beautiful people, excellent music. Niradhara Amma’s Spiritual Retreat was simply the best. Thank you Nira for all you do . And for all the memories.


Niradhara and Swar Ashram reside in the beautiful, sacred, divine, Maheshwar on the bank of the beautiful and sacred Narmadar River. The ashram is in the ancient huge fort of the Maharaj. Ancient sacred temples and stories abound. The small city is very clean and delightful. Niradhara keeps up the ancient tradition of daily pujas to her guru, and of doing agni hotra fire ceremony with the rising and setting of the sun. It is a great blessing to visit this sacred place.




Visiting this quaint Ashram is very well located on the banks of Narmada River. With its yoga and vedic philosophy, agni hotra, yoga asana and a study of the sutras was time well spent. The surrounding Temples, Ghats, Ahilya Fort were a breathe taking sight. Staying nearby at the Labboo’z Cafe and Lodge gave me 3 meals a day that were beyond amazing. The organic french pressed coffee and Marsala Chai were a warm welcome. I thank all involved for making my first India trip to Maheshwar a trip worth traveling again..

In the NEWS


Several Library and English Students decided to assert their rights to internet services that we pay for but had been cut for 3 months. They made a visit to the office and called the press. One of these boys went on to Journalism College in Delhi, our NGO helped with his re-location costs. He returned to his home town after getting his BA in Journalism and began his own political news paper. He also invested money he earned in a small fleet of boats for tourists to enjoy the Narmada, including a dinner boat. You will see we rent them with our guests.

When college students attend English class at SwAr Ashram, social justice is a recurring theme that interests these students. They enjoy reading the newspaper in English and debating the news in class as a favorite activity.


Amma was presented with an AVBP Student’s Union award for educational social work she does via our NGO Narmada Interfaith. The President of the AVBP was one of Amma’s English Students for 2 years.


Amma was honored as Woman of the Year by the Lioness Club’s Devi Ahilyabai Chapter for her work in creating and providing cloth, bio-friendly and eco-friendly cloth feminine pads of her own design, for local schoolgirls. Without these necessary feminine products, it was impossible for them to attend school during their moon cycles. Distribution of these pads in conjunction with Amma’s Shakti Girl’s Yoga Camps has incredibly increased attendance and improved test scores for Girls. Drop-outs are becoming a thing of the past. Girls are finishing their educations and going to College in rapidly increasing numbers.

the local residents were so amused to see foreigners chanting the names of God in the Narmada Mandir with a guitar and sent the local news to photograph and cover the kirtan, one of 10 performed by Mirabai Moon, Eddie Rodriguez & Jay Tailor in 10 differint Temples in 10 days.

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नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR! ༺🔥༻ – is a regional greeting in and around the Narmada River route among locals, parikramavasi-s and tourists. When we say this we recognize the Divinity of Narmada in you.