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SwAr Ashram is a Yoga Community bathed in sacred waters & born of the Enlightenment of an Ancient Herstory • Peace between Religions, Cultures & Economies • Women’s & Girl’s Upliftment Initiatives • Conscious Environmentalism • Yogic Therapies • the Ancient Vedic Science of Pyrodynamic Bio-energy

Your body is your loom, on which to weave your Life.

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Yoga is the stilling of conflict in the heart-mind

YOGAS CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHA — from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 1:2 — EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM MENTAL SLAVERY. This Maha-Kranti (Great Revolution) will not be televised. It won’t be online either. It takes place in the Akash (inner-dimensional space). Its preparedness does not come in the form of stockpiles of food, fuel or gold. We prepare by purifying our Karma-s (actions). This in turn purifies the Jivatma (the aspiring Soul who has taken on a birth) to become a Jivanmukta (a liberated living Soul). Yoga is the process of purifying the human vehicle. Hatha Yoga is but one arm of Yoga. These 8 appendages (Ashtang) are not linear, they are limbs, just as Sage Patanjali names them. The process of purification can be beautiful, though is not ‘pretty’ like you see on social media. The risks are mitigated and your unique experience is beatified by the guidance of a qualified, experienced teacher .

Your body is your Loom on which to weave your Life.

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• swAr Ashram is temporarily closed to the public as are all India’s gathering places until gov mandates to re-open • we graciously invite you to enjoy our online offerings • this is an excellent time for spiritual immersion

May you find peace & purpose within this challenge.  May you be happy, may you be well, may you be safe, may you be free. 




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this is an excellent time for spiritual immersion

AS DEVOTED PARIKRAMAVASI-S, THE REVERED SAGES SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA, MARKANDEYA, VALMIKI & VYASA wrote Shastra-s & Shloka-s about our Mother Narmada, the life-force power serving as the natural ancient border between North & South India. Flowing East to West, Narmada Devi resists much of what seduces modern India.

We are residing in the Heart of Mother India – the geographical central Chakra. Among a blur of influence, we seek confluence. The Vedic culture is by nature Advaitic (non-dual). Each of us naming the un-nameable Universal Cosmic Energy in their own language, such as six blind men approach an elephant.

Thus is the Indigo Lens of India, the subcontinent with perhaps the most map-markers pointing towards a global point of Higher Consciousness. We embrace a perspective springing forth from the Center of the Universe Itself, the primoridal Pranava. Within these courses, we share with you a view from this vantage point.

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नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR! 🔥

INDIA IS A VAST, MULTI-LAYERED INTER-DIMENSIONAL LIBRARY…. Its ancient culture holds intelligence across the dimensions, even as shrouded in modern physical adaptations. Swami Anantram has left in our care, nearly 700 Advaitic, Yoga Vedantic, Theosophic & Interfaith Texts.  Yet, one need not search any rare books to access the living traditions.

THE SEEDS OF THIS IMMENSE INTELLIGENCE of ancient teachings, technologies & therapies are cultivated here at SwAr Ashram, as the living tradition of Advaita Vedantic Yoga.  You can certainly read many books. But at the end of reading, as the great Sage Patanjali has instructed, ‘close the book’.  Join with Life. Swami Anantram gave us the teachings of Advaitic Yog Vedanta through his Lens & our Amma Niradhara brings us her own unique Global Village vibe. Our Amma invites you to read this Living Library across the pages of faces that reside in the sea of Yoga’s geographical context. 1.3 billion Indian pairs of Indian eyes, Human interpretations of Divinity that live hand in hand across the subcontinent.

OUR MICRO-ASHRAM, is rooted in a distant remote region known as the Nimar Valley in Madhya Pradesh.   We are located in an ancient Fort, built by the beloved Queen Ahilya-bai, India’s only Matriarch, nearly 300 years ago on this Kashi Vishvanath Narmada Ghat. The premises was originally known as Ganapathy Dharmsala, as it is perched on the Eastern-most side of the Narmada Ghat, SwAr Ashram is the first structure of the Fort to greet the Narmada, welcoming the River’s flow as Ganapathy officially opens the path for any activity or movement. DISCOVER MORE...

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THE ART & SCIENCE OF YOGA. Niradhara Amma provides Advaitic Yoga Vedanta Teachings, Tours, Technologies & Therapies, access to SwAr Library, as well as Hatha Yoga & Meditation classes to Visitors by donation and scheduled Registration based Events. These Yogic interactions with our Guest Visitors provide for our NGO’s charities.


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Traditional Hatha Yoga • PranayamaYoga Therapy, Meditation • Agnihotra,Yogic Philosophy

Here at SwAr Ashram we say we are BEing in Yoga – not DOing Yoga.

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What is AgniHotra?   AgniHotra is the foundational Yajnya – an ancient bio-energetic process of purifying the atmosphere with pyro-dynamics • aligning you with the circadian rhythm of sunrise & sunset • Agni = fire + Hotra = oblations. Learn the Yoga of Yajnya.

VEDIC SCIENCE: Agnihotra is an Ayurvedic Medicinal Science. It finds earliest mention in the Atharva Veda (1000 BC), vi 97,1 though pouring ghee into the ritual fire was known as early as in the Ṛgveda (c. 5000 BC) and it is closely related to Zoroastrian religion’s Yasna Haptaŋhāiti. There is a simplified version of the AgniHotra in the Grihyasutras and in later post-Vedic texts. 

ANCIENT ECO-CHEMISTRY : Vedic science of pyro-dynamic bio-energy, Agnihotra seeds the atmosphere with nutrition for living organisms.  Skin is the largest respiratory organ in the body, Agnihotra smoke penetrates every pore and cell as well as the lungs.  By performing alternate nostril breathing (Anulom/Vilom aka Nadi Shodhana) while the smoke is present, the benefits are deeply saturating the inner organs, glands, blood and lymph fluid while balancing the Pranic intake/outake and brain hemispheres.  In fact, all living beings including plants and insects benefit from Agnihotra atmosphere. It has healing ability in all the 4 Earthly elements plus the 5th – Akash, which holds the matrix of all Consciousness.

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sacred river ༺༻ sacred fire ༺༻ sacred stones ༺༻ sacred movement ༺༻ sacred chant ༺༻ sacred activism ༺༻

༺🔥༻  You have found your way here for a reason.   Here is a portal to a mystical place, Maheshwar – a major vortex of Shiva energy that flows along with life on the Secret Sacred River Narmada, where Nature is Omniscient and Omniscience is within each and every sentient and insentient being. The primitive ways are often the most esoterically advanced. Here, we intuit and explore, here we gather to remember what we were born to know, that every breathe of fresh air, every stone and handful of dirt, every drop and rivulet of water, every flicker of a flame is sacred and all-knowing. At birth, we are intimately connected to other beings, our Mother, our beloved animal companions, in a way that becomes hidden in the world of Maya. Life on the holy river Narmada is closer to that innocence that lies just beneath thickened skin. When you gaze into this Sacred River, if you take a dip, all outer manifestations of pretense disappear. It is a passive purification, evoked by the gentle high-vibrational electromagnetic forces and the natural piezoelectric crystals present here, at the center of the most sacred Narmada River. As you align your steps with the rhythm where being-ness meets another dimension, gradually, it dissolves the calcified deposits of worldly life, opening the human vehicle to a New Paradigm. DISCOVER MORE….

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• Swami-ji •

• aham nirvikalpo nirakara rupo • vibhut vatcha sarvatra sarvendriyanam • na cha sangatham naiva muktir na meyaha • chidananda rupah • shivo’ham shivo’ham – Nirvana shatakam v6

I am devoid of duality, my form is formlessness • I exist everywhere, pervading all senses, I am neigher attached, neither free nor captive • I am the form of Consciousness & Bliss. I am the eternal Shiva. I am the eternal Shiva.


The acronym ‘SwAr’ is in honor of our Swami-ji AnantRam, ༺༻ (3/9/1925 – 27/11/2012). He is now One with the Eternal Shiva, but for 3 decades he established his hOMe on Earth at the banks of Narmada. He was our Beloved Guru. He kept a simple lifestyle of meditation & prayer, and was always ready with his hearty laugh. One special dog wandered in from the Ghat who was Swami-ji’s faithful devotee for 15 years. Swami-ji named his dog Tiger, and in turn, the locals nicknamed him Tigerwalla Baba.

༺༻ Swami-ji taught us to see beyond the veil of separation – as the great illusion in the form of our manifest universe. He was a respected Scholar and Master Teacher of Advaitic Yoga Vedanta, (the classic teachings of self-realization known as non-duality), Sacred Geometry, Engineering & Physics, as well as an accomplished Siddha Guru.

“Meditation is mastery over the mind. There is nothing that can not be achieved through meditation alone.” – Swami Anantram

Swami-ji was a mystic and a scholar, influenced by venerable Adi Shankaracharya, all the way to his contemporary, Osho. He was a member of Theosophical Society of Chennai for decades….. . VISIT OUR SWAMI-JI’S NGO WEBSITE….

• Amma •

Mother ༺༻ Thou art Conscious Soul Herself • Dwelling in the heart of all beings • Full of Beauty • Thou incarnateth as Life Breath in the form of Primordial Absolute Sound & Space • Nectar of Bliss • Thou art refuge showering nectar & destroying our fears in life•with deepest gratitude I serve in Your great name •


Amma welcomes you to SwAr Ashram and sees to your safety and happiness while under her care. Amma Niradhara was appointed by Swami Anantram to direct his NGO (NIWS) and manage his Ashram. Amma Niradhara is a Sannyasi, as the Teacher & Spiritual Mother of  SwAr Ashram, she is a Swamini, and she is a full-time Sevaka as well as an E-RYT500 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist, YACEP Yoga Education Provider, CYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist, Reiki Master, Agnihotri, EMDR, TFT & EFT Guide, Sound Therapist and Ordained Interfaith Minister with projects inclusive of at-risk youth, sex trafficking rescues, maximum security incarcerated women, domestic violence, chronic & childhood trauma survivors. AMMA’S BIO PAGE….

Amma isn’t concerned with collecting followers, she is focused on creating Leaders 

Her charitable projects in the local community have a strong emphasis on Women’s & Girl’s Empowerment and include: Traditional Arts, Girl’s Mentoring & Upliftment Advocacy programs with emphasis on Hygiene & Safety – an educational Yogic program which provides a book & Amma’s own design sanitary pad set to 108 school girls & female teachers per year, Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Library with computer access & English coaching.

Visiting Yoga Students & Teachers – Amma welcomes you.

innerYajnyainnerYatrainnerEvolution YACEP

100% of your Yogic interactions with Amma provide the income for her NGO’s charity programs.

नर्मदे हर  ༺🔥༻ Narmade Har! 

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The revelation of the Self arises within Silence. The power of the word is always ready to veil the profound nature of the Self because no mental representation can free itself from language. In a breath exists the whole universe, the spoken word has unimaginable power, when people call your name they are creating a vibration that can be harmonious or not.  Next time you hear your own name being spoken, notice how you feel.  Notice if the feeling changes when various people call you by name…

Thus is the conundrum of being given a Spiritual name…LEARN MORE..

Darshan of this holiest of waters removes every karma from your soul-record. Narmada River is one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India. It is said that all the 7 Rivers of India are Sacred Sisters, but Narmada is the Most Holy

GANGA ca YAMUNA caiva GODVARI, SARASVATI, NARMADA, SINDU ca KAAVERI. • >☆><)))*>༺ 🔥 ༻<*(((><☆<    नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR!