• aham nirvikalpo nirakara rupo • vibhut vatcha sarvatra sarvendriyanam • na cha sangatham naiva muktir na meyaha • chidananda rupah • shivo’ham shivo’ham – Nirvana shatakam v6

I am devoid of duality, my form is formlessness • I exist everywhere, pervading all senses, I am neither attached, neither free nor captive • I am the form of Consciousness & Bliss. I am the eternal Shiva. I am the eternal Shiva.


The acronym ‘SwAr’ is in honor of our Swami-ji AnantRam, ༺༻ (3/9/1925 – 27/11/2012). He is now One with the Eternal Shiva, but in 1983 he was establishing his hOMe on Earth at this location as he left his worldly life and entered Sannyas life. He became our Guru establishing this Ganapathy Dharmsala as his spiritual refuge. He welcomed serious Sadhaka-s to study with him for 3 decades, all the way up until his Maha-samadhi (transition from embodiment). He kept a simple lifestyle of meditation and prayer, and was always ready with his hearty laugh. Locals, Parikramavasi (travellers who circumbulate Narmada by foot with no possessions as an extended pilgrimage), Pandits & Priests, Narmada Bhakta-s, tourists, and even one dog whom he named Tiger, all were his friend who walked in from the ghats outside our door. Swamiji was so inseperable with his best friend Tiger, he became nicknamed by his beloved devotees as Tiger Walla Baba. (the holy father with that Tiger-dog). Tiger stayed with Swami-ji for 15 years til his crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Amma stayed with Swami-ji five additional years until Swami-ji departed for beyond the Brahma Jyoti (7th dimension or higher). He was a respected Scholar and Teacher of Yoga Vedanta, a Teacher and Master of Sacred Geometry, Engineering and Physics, as well as an accomplished Siddha Guru.

Boating on the Narmada every Full Moon.

Advaitic Yog Vedanta, the classic teachings of self-realization known as non-duality ༺༻ Swami-ji taught us to see beyond the veil of separation – as the great illusion in the form of our manifest universe. In the sense that a drop of water is one with the ocean, we also contain the whole ocean of eternal bliss inside us. Each atman (soul) is part of that vast sea of Paramatman, the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent absolute eternal Power of the Universe. And he taught us to be humble, and to be kind.


Swami-ji was a mystic and a scholar, influenced by the venerable Adi Shankaracharya, and by his contemporary, Osho. He was a member of Theosophical Society of Chennai for decades.  More than 130 books of his Library collection are rare and important Theosophical texts. He also collected the classics: Vedantic Upanishads, Puranas, the epics such as Mahabharat and Ramayan and the original Vedic texts. His collection includes very many of the great commentaries of the contemporary time, as well.

“Meditation is mastery over the mind. There is nothing that can not be achieved through meditation alone.” – Swami Anantram

Tigerwalla Baba aka Swami Anantram.

Humble & sincere, by rigorous practice alone, he developed Siddha-s of astral viewing and travel, clairsentience and clairvoyance. He never sought name or fame. The name ‘Tigerwalla’ actually delighted him when the neighbor children identified him in relation to his dog Tiger rather than his illustrious well-educated earlier life where he was based in Delhi. The name Delhi-walla Baba only tied him to that past which he no longer identified with at all. He left all of the trappings of his worldly life to his wife and children of his former life before renunciation, in this way, becoming Sannyasi is likened to a death. This, his beloved Ashram was his Swarlok (heaven). Since departing his physical form, his presence remains clear, as he was adept even in Life, at traversing time & space – the 4th dimension portal that keeps the majority of persons bound to 3D.

This Ashram location, now named for him by an acronym that means ‘heavens’, is in partial ruins, at the edge of the Fort, abutting jungle. It had no electricity or water as of that time he began his tenancy from the Heritage Trust. Slowly, his devotees brought power mains and basic outdoor water pipes. His last wish to Niradhara Amma was to build a Library for his Books on the upper level safe from floods. As he knew his end of life was nearing, he founded the NGO Narmada Interfaith as a vehicle for Niradhara Amma to carry on his Library and its Teachings, to provide a foundation for offering charitable initiatives in Education, Female Upliftment, Yoga & Traditional Arts for the welfare of the neediest in the community. SwAr Ashram is surrounded by the families of street vendors, handloom weavers, farmers, day laborers and quiet a few widows and widowers who all Loved him. In his name we do this work.



– prayer to the gods in the form of the guru ༺༻ guru brahma • guror vishnu • guror devo maheshvara • guru sakshat • parambrahma • tasmai shri gurave namah •

Guru ༺༻ Thou hast created a glimmer of Light in us • Thou sustains & protects us • Thou shalt hold us in the palm of Your hand to refine us, as grist for the mill • Thou art reliever of our blindness • Thou art the epitome of Cosmic Consciousness personified • Pranams to Thy Universal Authority •

• Dhyanmulam guror murtih • puja mulam guroh padam •
Mantra Mulam gurorvakyam • moksa mulam guroh kripa •

• the foundation of Meditation on Formlessness is Thy Form • the root of Puja is planted in the mud beneath Thy Lotus Feet •the premise for Mantra is to chant Thy Holy Name • the substratum of Liberation is Thy Grace•

• Akhanda mandala kaaram • Vyaaptam Yena Charaacharam • Tat padam Darshitam Yena • Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah •

Thy eternal Omniscient, Omnipresent & Omnipotent Consciousness pervades all sentient and insentient beings in the Presence of Thy Refuge • at the sight of Thy Lotus Feet, all Pranam to This Auspicious Enlightened One •

नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR! ༺🔥༻ – is a regional greeting in and around the Narmada River route among locals, parikramavasi-s and tourists. When we say this we recognize the Divinity of Narmada in you.