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AS DEVOTED PARIKRAMAVASI-S, THE REVERED SAGES SRI ADI SHANKARACHARYA, MARKANDEYA, VALMIKI & VYASA wrote Shastra-s & Shloka-s about our Mother Narmada, the life-force power serving as the natural ancient border between North & South India. Flowing East to West, Narmada Devi resists much of what seduces modern India.

We are residing in the Heart of Mother India – the geographical central Chakra. Among a blur of influence, we seek confluence. The Vedic culture is by nature Advaitic (non-dual). Each of us naming the un-nameable Universal Cosmic Energy in their own language, such as six blind men approach an elephant.

Thus is the Indigo Lens of India, the subcontinent with perhaps the most map-markers pointing towards a global point of Higher Consciousness. We embrace a perspective springing forth from the Center of the Universe Itself, the primoridal Pranava. Within these courses, we share with you a view from this vantage point.