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The revelation of the Self arises within Silence. The power of the word is always ready to veil the profound nature of the Self because no mental representation can free itself from language. In a breath exists the whole universe, the spoken word has unimaginable power, when people call your name they are creating a vibration that can be harmonious or not.  Next time you hear your own name being spoken, notice how you feel.  Notice if the feeling changes when various people call you by name…

Thus is the conundrum of being given a Spiritual name…LEARN MORE..

Darshan of this holiest of waters removes every karma from your soul-record. Narmada River is one of the seven sacred holy places of pilgrimage in India. It is said that all the 7 Rivers of India are Sacred Sisters, but Narmada is the Most Holy

GANGA ca YAMUNA caiva GODVARI, SARASVATI, NARMADA, SINDU ca KAAVERI. • >☆><)))*>༺ 🔥 ༻<*(((><☆<    नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR!