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sacred river ༺༻ sacred fire ༺༻ sacred stones ༺༻ sacred movement ༺༻ sacred chant ༺༻ sacred activism ༺༻

༺🔥༻  You have found your way here for a reason.   Here is a portal to a mystical place, Maheshwar – a major vortex of Shiva energy that flows along with life on the Secret Sacred River Narmada, where Nature is Omniscient and Omniscience is within each and every sentient and insentient being. The primitive ways are often the most esoterically advanced. Here, we intuit and explore, here we gather to remember what we were born to know, that every breathe of fresh air, every stone and handful of dirt, every drop and rivulet of water, every flicker of a flame is sacred and all-knowing. At birth, we are intimately connected to other beings, our Mother, our beloved animal companions, in a way that becomes hidden in the world of Maya. Life on the holy river Narmada is closer to that innocence that lies just beneath thickened skin. When you gaze into this Sacred River, if you take a dip, all outer manifestations of pretense disappear. It is a passive purification, evoked by the gentle high-vibrational electromagnetic forces and the natural piezoelectric crystals present here, at the center of the most sacred Narmada River. As you align your steps with the rhythm where being-ness meets another dimension, gradually, it dissolves the calcified deposits of worldly life, opening the human vehicle to a New Paradigm. DISCOVER MORE….

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