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नर्मदे हर   NARMADE HAR! 🔥

INDIA IS A VAST, MULTI-LAYERED INTER-DIMENSIONAL LIBRARY…. Its ancient culture holds intelligence across the dimensions, even as shrouded in modern physical adaptations. Swami Anantram has left in our care, nearly 700 Advaitic, Yoga Vedantic, Theosophic & Interfaith Texts.  Yet, one need not search any rare books to access the living traditions.

THE SEEDS OF THIS IMMENSE INTELLIGENCE of ancient teachings, technologies & therapies are cultivated here at SwAr Ashram, as the living tradition of Advaita Vedantic Yoga.  You can certainly read many books. But at the end of reading, as the great Sage Patanjali has instructed, ‘close the book’.  Join with Life. Swami Anantram gave us the teachings of Advaitic Yog Vedanta through his Lens & our Amma Niradhara brings us her own unique Global Village vibe. Our Amma invites you to read this Living Library across the pages of faces that reside in the sea of Yoga’s geographical context. 1.3 billion Indian pairs of Indian eyes, Human interpretations of Divinity that live hand in hand across the subcontinent.

OUR MICRO-ASHRAM, is rooted in a distant remote region known as the Nimar Valley in Madhya Pradesh.   We are located in an ancient Fort, built by the beloved Queen Ahilya-bai, India’s only Matriarch, nearly 300 years ago on this Kashi Vishvanath Narmada Ghat. The premises was originally known as Ganapathy Dharmsala, as it is perched on the Eastern-most side of the Narmada Ghat, SwAr Ashram is the first structure of the Fort to greet the Narmada, welcoming the River’s flow as Ganapathy officially opens the path for any activity or movement. DISCOVER MORE...

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THE ART & SCIENCE OF YOGA. Niradhara Amma provides Advaitic Yoga Vedanta Teachings, Tours, Technologies & Therapies, access to SwAr Library, as well as Hatha Yoga & Meditation classes to Visitors by donation and scheduled Registration based Events. These Yogic interactions with our Guest Visitors provide for our NGO’s charities.


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Here at SwAr Ashram we say we are BEing in Yoga – not DOing Yoga.